About Myles

A few words about what makes me tick…
For over 30 years I have been taking photographs of all sorts of things – with a particular passion for images that reflect the natural world around me, and the vast range of emotions which that can inspire – awe, serenity, wonder, curiosity and much, much more.

Ever since I bought my first SLR camera at the age of 16 (a Russian Zenith 35mm), I realised that through photography I could communicate something of how I see the world to others. Whatever the subject, photography is my creative outlet and allows me to share my vision with the rest of the world.

Through the majority of my work, I seek to portray the inner beauty and peace that exists all around us - especially the peace that exists in nature. Sometimes that is an abstraction or an impression; the movement of a plant or bird, the interplay between light and shade, colours and tones, that can be harder to see unless they are abstracted for us. At other times, it requires all my skill and patience to capture every detail possible, because it is the subject in its entirety that is beautiful. This is particularly true for the landscapes that we are fortunate to enjoy here in New Zealand.

I also seek to tell a story through my images. Sometimes that story involves challenging messages, as in 'surveillance' and 'gilded rose'; the important thing is to tell the story that is in front of me, as I see it. I hope you enjoy browsing these pages as much as I did creating them!